With wealth of experience in handling projects, Phomeland Construction provides client-oriented professional services, based on industry based standards, codes, and procedures, a commitment for excellence

Property Development 

We understand that the development of property is far from simple. Our process of developing properties ensures that these processes are seamless and occur at their stipulated time. The development process involves securing the development sites and assessing feasibilities, Contracts negotiations and town/development planning approval as well as the documentation of required documents and designs. Other processes entail the preparation of the site, careful construction and management of the project till finishing.



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Home Improvement Our remodeling philosophy and procedures gives your home a new look thus reigniting your aection for your home all over again. We undertake maintenance; repair and general servicing tasks. These include upgrading existing home interiors, exteriors and other improvements to the property

Real Estate 

We design, plan, and oversee the construction of buildings (educational, commercial, and residential) as well as make alteration and extensions to existing properties and other structures. We ensure that our designs satisfy pre-determined industry criteria based on safety, serviceability and overall structural performance.

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