We build structures that you will love for a lifetime.

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Phomeland Construction was recently founded with the objective of establishing a sustainable and distinguished construction company that is able to provide quality construction to our clients while concurrently fostering lasting relationships with our esteemed clients, professionals, local councils, government bodies, trade contractors, and suppliers.  Read More[…]

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Property Development

We understand that the development of property is far from simple. Our process of developing properties ensures that these processes are seamless and occur at their stipulated time.

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Home Improvement

Our remodeling philosophy and procedures gives your home a new look thus reigniting your affection for your home all over again.

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Structural Engineering

We design, plan, and oversee the construction of buildings (educational, commercial, and residential) as well as make alteration and extensions to existing properties and other structures.

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Facility Management

Our facility management services include property services, support services, cleaning services and security services.


Our project management and execution philosophy is geared towards:
• Creating detailed schedule and resource plan to meet client’s project objective
• Communicating clearly with all project stakeholders
• Tracking project progress and fine-tuning deviations
• Supervising the quality of work done and ensuring they are up to standards
• Completing and commissioning the project on schedule

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Construction is all about creativity. At Phomeland Construction Ltd, we don’t just build; we create amazing structures and finishing that will blow your mind.


We take pride in building luxury homes that stand out.

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Beautiful and Elegant homes for with the necessary facility that make your home truly a home.

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Quality Materials

We make use of quality materials to give you that beautiful yet functional buildings.

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Innovative Designs

We pride ourselves in innovative designs and creative ergonomic designs.

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It would be our pleasure to work for you. We understand what you want. Let us build your dream home for you.

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Why Select Us?

We understand your needs and provide you with quality buildings
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Fast Project

We take pride in utilizing our project schedules that are necessary for a project to be actualized as fast as we have set them.

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Modern Technology and Equipment

Technology is at the core of our values. We innovate with modern technologies as well as work with modern equipment that meet industry standards and specification.

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A Skilled Team

Our teams are trained with industry best practices and always deliver quality assured buildings that you love.

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Experienced And Successful

We are experienced in delivering beautiful and quality buildings and are successful in that regard. 

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We take our projects seriously and work with the projects deadlines in view so we can always meet your deadlines.

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As a reputable company, our professionalism helps us relate with you and maintain a good customer relationship.

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